Shara places 6th at World Champs

Thursday 17th September 2009

The 2009 International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) World Championships will be remembered for Usain “Lightening” Bolt astonishing world records in the 100m and 200m races but more importantly from my perspective, Anguillian Shara Proctor competing in the finals of the women’s long jump from a field of thirty seven elite athletes.

Shara made history as she became the first athlete representingAnguillato compete in the finals of this prestigious event. Secondly she was the only person representing the Caribbean region in the long jump finals, an event traditionally dominated by theUnited States, Europe andCuba.

Having fouled her first jump and leaping to a distance of 6:52 meters / 21.23 feet on her second attempt, Shara urgently needed to improve her distance. Summoning her inner strength and heeding the encouragement of her coach / mother Wilma Proctor, Coach Rider of theUSA, Association President Mrs. Lorna Rogers and fellow athlete Denville Ruan, Shara leaped to a distance of 6:71 meters or 22.0144 feet. This jump placed her in sixth position, only 2.4 inches behind fourth and fifth place, 3.5 inches behind third place, 10.2 inches behind second and 15.4 inches behind first place. Despite her most valiant efforts Shara never narrowed the distance between her competitors, however she finished in sixth position. Earlier in the championships, Denville Ruan was eliminated in the first round of the hundred meter dash, after posting a personal best time of 11: 31 seconds.

Anguilla should be proud of both athletes as they have shown us that hard work and constant practice can take you anywhere in life. The Anguilla Amateur Athletics Association (AAAA) would like to express its sincere delight with the results of the championships and congratulate Shara Proctor and Denville Ruan for an excellent job. Sincerest thanks are also extended to the IAAF and to the local organizing committee for the training camp held in NurtingenGermany.


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